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KO Realty Investments, LLC

Providing convenient access to REITs for passive income wealth building. We focus on passive income because we believe in the value of money working harder than people, so that people can enjoy what they value most, time.

KO Real Estate Investing

Selecting the right company to invest with can be a daunting decision. At KO Realty Investments,  we make it easy and convenient for the everyday, busy investor to passively earn money, while passively investing. This is why we have teamed up with Tribevest. Tribevest offers a neutral platform that enables us the ability to coordinate and invest with near 100% transparency. As a "Tribe" we are provided with the virtual ability to Organize, Invest, Manage and Build together as a unit.

KO Realty Investments, LLC




KO Realty Investments, LLC


KO Realty Investments, LLC


KO Realty Investments, LLC


KO Realty Investments Tribes will be used to invest in REITs (more info). We have identified several REITs ranging in risk. Prospective clients can view a list these REITs here along with a brief description of each. Clients are encouraged to do their own research prior to investing. KO Realty Investments does not guarantee a return on investments however clients can rest assured that KO Realty Investments will hold a position in each of the selected REITs.

Prospective clients must follow the following steps to become a Tribe member and begin making contributions into the applicable Tribes:

  1. Research each REIT and define your investment plan (how much, how often, set realistic expectations, etc.).

  2. Contact KO Realty (via Contact Us or and identify which Tribe/REIT is preferred. KO will provide as much information to the client as possible, however, clients are encouraged to do their own research.

  3. Purchase a "seat" in the applicable Tribe(s) ($500/member).

  4. Accept the email invitation(s) sent by KO Realty Investments upon having completed Steps 3.

  5. Client connects their own bank account to Tribevest (only the client can see this account / KO Realty cannot see nor have access to this account). This is a one-time action. This account will then be available to use to make contributions to each Tribe the client joins.

  6. Client completes initial contribution between $500 and $25,000 (per Tribe).

    • Note 1: Each contribution will result in the client owning an equity percentage in the Tribe. With each recurring contribution, KO Realty Investments clients can further increase their equity percentage.

    • Note 2: Tribe equity percentage is used to define payout/dividend amounts. Fees may apply.

    • Note 3: KO Realty Investments does not guarantee a return on investments.

  7. KO Realty Investments will keep the Tribe informed of upcoming payouts, however, all Tribe members are encouraged to track the REITs they are invested in on their own​ to monitor performance.

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